Saturday, 20 October 2012

1st week of Sem 2


Wearing SP tank top!
One word to describe the first week of school after school reopened, TIRED!!

The new timetable sucks! I love my sem 1 timetable soooooooo much!


Seriously...we only had one 8am class every week in sem 1 and but now three?!

I feel pity for those who stay very far from school like JiaYi, she need to leave home at 6 plus for 3 days every week! Sigh.

Anyway, I received my Sem 1's results on the day I came back from Malaysia....
We're able to check our results online so I knew my results on that day...
The school also sent the exam results to us via mail too..

The envelope from the school.

My results, 3A and 2B+.

Honestly I'm not satisfied with my results, but I also felt happy at the same time...
Confused :/
The two subjects that I got B+ are modules that related to projects/presentation which  I'm not good in it :(
So my GPA is 3.773, it's not a good result for me :(
Sigh. Gonna work hard on Sem 2...

 Some random photos in the first week of school..
First day of school and we went to Star Vista for lunch after school ended

Took picture with the girls <3

Waiting for next lesson at fc6...

D & V sleeping comfortably in IBT lesson
D sleeping like a boss in FOM lecture

Sem 2 is gonna to be more challenging and tougher than sem 1... 
I think I'll face problems in Business Communication and Marketing...
BC's lecturer looks very pro and I think he has a very high expectation..
Sigh, I wish I can improve my speaking and overcome my stage fright :((

And I'm representing SP to attend POL-ITE Table Tennis Tournament!
Sincerely hope that I'll perform well and maybe get at least 3rd place HAHA

OH YEA! I'm going to USS Horror Night tonight with my cliques! 
Please don't rain please please please!!!
Hope we'll have fun there!

Lots of Love,

TingFang  :)     

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