Saturday, 29 September 2012


okay, my birthday was about two weeks ago? (11th Sept) *counting* Oh! 19 days ago! and I'm posting this  on the last day of Sept LOLL LAZY MEEE...

I got the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family as I was having my holiday in Malaysia for two weeks.. Me and my sister TingFei celebrated our birthday together (her birthday was on 1st Sept) 

Strawberry ice-cream cake! The colour damn nice!!
love this so much!!!! <3

I met up with my friends in the afternoon too! Drove along to TI and had lunch with them :D

The cake from JieShiz :)
Ting Fei bought me these watches from Vincci as my bday present!
Bday present from Ying Er, kinda sad that she can't celebrate with me :(
And the present from myself!! 


My gongcha colleagues gave me a surprise belated birthday celebration a few days ago! We went to Jurong Safra for kbox session and suddenly they brought a huge birthday card and a cake into the room! I was surprised because my birthday was over and I never expect that they'll celebrate it... felt so touched :')

Took picture with those went to kbox <3 Tyvm :D
The bday card from the gc family <3
This picture shows how huge is the card!

The present from them! With my favourite group picture and my name on it!
I was so LOL-ed when I saw this! haha
 The bday wishes from the colleagues...
Hajar aka Jar Jar Bingz/哈炸
Jolene aka Jo
Erneste aka E姐
Hui Xian aka Happy
Jie Yun aka Yun儿
Chrystal aka Lulu
Claire aka Claite
Sylvia aka Strawbie
Qi Yin aka Qi 儿
Hui Peng aka Apple
Kelven aka 老大/老头
Agnes aka Aggy/Bluebie
Verlynn aka 姑姑


Lots of love,

TingFang :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

Two trips to Teluk Intan...

Hi everyone!

Today I went to Teluk Intan twice...I went with my dad in the noon to buy something and fetch my sister, Ting Fei home from school..then I went to TI again with my Langkap clique, to celebrate my bff, YingEr's 18th birthday!

First my dad dropped me at Chhew bookshop to buy the ingredients for YingEr's birthday card. I never planned to do a card for her but since she requested a birthday card, so ya...  Then me and dad met at the optic shop because I wanted to make a new spectacles and wait for my sister at the same time.

Around 1pm, my sister was 'released' and we went to Sushi King to have lunch! I paid the meal!! Haha, luckily we didn't eat a lot!

Grabbed all these in less than one minute after we got seated.

I wish I can have her eyes :(
After lunch, we went 'shopping' at Giant and Guardian..can't stand the way I spend ringgit LOL

Done shopping and time to go home! As usual, my turn to drive back home :/
One hour left to make the birthday card to the birthday girl! I had no idea at all but just start doing with my feel, but it turned out nice! HEHE (self-praised) 

Done everything in half an hour, so proud of myself! I got the great satisfaction after doing the card xD  (self-praised again xP)

I like the combination of the colours <3

Hope she'll like it!

Left home right after the card is done, picked up Mih Yee and Jia Boon one hour later then the time we decided :/

So, all of us were in TI and we headed to the Sweet Sweet House to have desert before dinner (LOL?)

YingEr's ice-cream cake 
Took a group picture after singing the birthday song, thanks to the shop owner :)

YingEr's dragonfruit sago and Lisa's honeydew sago

My hua sheng hu + zhi ma hu :D

Took this picture before we left, love this picture so much <3

Had the famous Sungai Nibong Char Kuey Tiao as dinner! As usual, we waited for an hour ( I think?) before the uncle came and served us...good food is worth to wait!! 

Had an awesome day with the clique!! Nice outing :)
Have to wake up early tomorrow at 8.30am to have breakfast with bff T-T

Lots of love,

TingFang :)