Monday, 3 September 2012

The Adventure of Cappie!


Went to Daiso yesterday with one of my colleague Chrystal Yang ---> LULU to shop for our shop (LOL) 
We were given a mission - buy 2 pumps for the Caramel and Toffee, so I went to the shop and took one Toffee cap before I left Gek Poh..

We're supposed to meet each other at Jurong East but I reached earlier, so I came out with this idea xD
So, I directed 'The Adventure of Cappie' by spamming photos in instagram (sorry for spamming your timeline!)
Lulu warned me before LOL xD
The photos are not that funny, the captions are the one made the story line alive! So ya, here are the pictures with the captions! ENJOY :)

There is a mission for me and @chrystalyang !

We boarded the train safely, don't worry @chrystalyang...

Cappie knows where are we! @chrystalyang
Shall we go first or wait for @chrystalyang?

Waiting for bus 52 or 333 with @chrystalyang !

On the bus 52 with @chrystalyang !

We're reaching! @chrystalyang

Oh yea we're here! @chrystalyang

Here comes to the end of 'The Adventure of Cappie' ! @chrystalyang

Last one, Cappie is home!

Do you know what is the response of this 'The Adventure of Cappie' ?

I'm late for training now, bye guys!

Lots of love,

TingFang :)

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