Saturday, 29 September 2012


okay, my birthday was about two weeks ago? (11th Sept) *counting* Oh! 19 days ago! and I'm posting this  on the last day of Sept LOLL LAZY MEEE...

I got the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family as I was having my holiday in Malaysia for two weeks.. Me and my sister TingFei celebrated our birthday together (her birthday was on 1st Sept) 

Strawberry ice-cream cake! The colour damn nice!!
love this so much!!!! <3

I met up with my friends in the afternoon too! Drove along to TI and had lunch with them :D

The cake from JieShiz :)
Ting Fei bought me these watches from Vincci as my bday present!
Bday present from Ying Er, kinda sad that she can't celebrate with me :(
And the present from myself!! 


My gongcha colleagues gave me a surprise belated birthday celebration a few days ago! We went to Jurong Safra for kbox session and suddenly they brought a huge birthday card and a cake into the room! I was surprised because my birthday was over and I never expect that they'll celebrate it... felt so touched :')

Took picture with those went to kbox <3 Tyvm :D
The bday card from the gc family <3
This picture shows how huge is the card!

The present from them! With my favourite group picture and my name on it!
I was so LOL-ed when I saw this! haha
 The bday wishes from the colleagues...
Hajar aka Jar Jar Bingz/哈炸
Jolene aka Jo
Erneste aka E姐
Hui Xian aka Happy
Jie Yun aka Yun儿
Chrystal aka Lulu
Claire aka Claite
Sylvia aka Strawbie
Qi Yin aka Qi 儿
Hui Peng aka Apple
Kelven aka 老大/老头
Agnes aka Aggy/Bluebie
Verlynn aka 姑姑


Lots of love,

TingFang :)

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