Tuesday, 28 August 2012

First post!

P/s: This post was written yesterday night but I fell asleep before I post it, so ya...

Hi everyone! *waves*

This is my very first blog in my life, I told my friends before I don't want to have a blog because I don't feel like sharing my feeling by blogging which everyone can see! But now, I'm here to start blogging because I want to write down the things happened around me and keep them as memories. Here will be my 'diary' from now onwards.... I'll spam a lot a lot of pictures! I'm sure I'll post more pictures than words HAHAHA

So today is my last day of sem 1 of Diploma in Banking and Financial Services in Singapore Polytechnic. I think I screwed my sem test this time...gotta say bye to GPA 4.0 T-T

After the last paper, Statistics of Business I hung out with my clique: Linda, Verlynn, David and JiaYi. We went to Dakota (i'm not sure the spelling xD) to have the famous soya beancurd LaoBan! So happy that I finally can try the famous LaoBan!

LaoBan! It's quite nice but not veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice tho HAHA!

The first photo of 5 of us! (Y)

My lunch
Watching 鬼也笑 in David's room p/s:his room is damn neat!
JiaYi and Linda <3
Hair-chalked linda's hair, this colour looks nice on her!
Had this super nice chicken rice near David's house as dinner before leaving..
Had a nice day with my clique! Hope that we will meet up again during the holiday...

I'm going back to Malaysia next Wednesday! Can't wait for it!!! I miss Malaysia's food sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I'm going to shop like crazy when I go back (Y)

So, here are some pictures before I writing off...

On the way to David's house..

David and Linda <3

Linda ssi <3



Lots of love,
TingFang :)

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